Tuesday, September 17, 2013

That time I made a wedding cake: Part One

 Growing up, most of my favorite children's books revolved around baked goods. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, The Sweet Smell of Christmas (as a "Cash-ew", we celebrated both Christmas and Channukah in our house), and Jake Baked the Cake.

"The bride's gown was made in town,
The groom's pants arrived from France,
The champagne came from Spain,
While Jake baked the cake."

I seem to have taken these books to heart. Every year, I host a holiday cookie party. While I haven't given a mouse a cookie, I have given my good friend Beth mini Reese's cups to give to her lab rats.

So it's only fitting that I finally bake a wedding cake.

 I am incredibly honored and excited to make the wedding cake for my dear friends Elizabeth and Mark-- just the cutest Minnesota couple ever. I had them over for a cake tasting last week, and made cupcakes with all sorts of combinations for them to taste.

Five types of cake. Three frostings. Two fillings. One sample tier.

Also, parchment paper and sharpies are key to success.

Stay tuned... the rest of this week is all wedding cake, all the time.

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  1. These look wonderfully delectable! I probably shouldn't be looking at these right before lunch.