Monday, July 23, 2012

Highbrow/lowbrow; or, Chocolate Pomegranate Rice Krispy Treats

Now that the exam is over (and passed! Woo!), let's get back to business.

This is sort of an un-recipe... It was made in the throes of studying and is simply a riff on a classic. In college, they used to sell massive slabs of rice krispie treats in The Grille in the student center. I lived on those when I was studying, and felt a craving coming on this week.

I am no longer a bachelor's candidate, though-- I was aiming this week for PhD candidacy. So I stepped up the lowbrow rice krispy treat with some decadent add-ons.

Enter these beauties: classic Krispy Treat recipe (straight from the back of the box) with slivered almonds, mini chocolate chips, and dried pomegranate added. Super simple. Heavily inspired by the recipe from Christina Tosi  (Momofuku Milk Bar) in the June/July Rachael Ray mag.

Also great in Krispy treats (as I discovered over the past week): chocolate and peanut butter Cheerios, chocolate sprinkles, pretzel M&Ms (sensing a theme here?) and golden raisins. I'm surprised I haven't turned into a krispy treat yet.

Oooh, man-- get on it!

UPDATE: Great minds think alike! Tracy of Shutterbean posted a krispy treat recipe today too-- inspired by the same recipe in RR's magazine! What are the odds?!

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