Friday, July 27, 2012

Shuck it; or, Friday I'm In Love

I love a good deal. So last weekend, I was super excited to score 12 ears of corn for $3 at the farmer's market. It was such a high-- such a deal! Could life get any better?!

Then I got home and realized... I have 12 ears of corn. And I am a single lady. Whoops. I've blanched and frozen some of it for the winter, but seriously, my freezer can only hold so much sweet, golden goodness. Ergo, this week, I'm highlighting awesome corn-y recipes.

I'm in love with: sweet corn and quinoa salad-- get in mah belly!

I'm in love with: this corn pizza. I've been dying to make this since Tracy posted it-- it's happening!

 I'm in love with: smokey corn salsa. Bomb diggity.

I'm in love with: breakfast nachos. Brilliant-- these are happening Saturday morning fo' sho.

 I'm in love with: this video. Enough said.

Happy Friday, friends!

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