Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday I'm In Love: Summer Local Foods Edition!

I love summer, and, after last weekend's heat, it's clear that it's here! Summer to me also means amazing food from the farmer's market, berry picking at a friend's farm, light white wine in mason jars, sand volleyball, and all things cool and easy. So, in that spirit, here's what I'm hoping to get into this month with local foods!

I'm in love: with Springria! Possibly making it with berries I'll pick this weekend from Firefly Berries.

I'm in love with: vegan rhubarb swirl ice cream! The rhubarb at the Farmer's market has been calling my name... and how cute is it served in a teacup?!

I'm in love with: Baked Asparagus fries! How good do these look?

I'm in love with: Melon and mint salad! Thanks, T-beans!

I'm in love with: Pretzel ice cream cones. Imagine these with a chocolate and salted caramel ice cream with fresh local cream. Mmm...

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