Thursday, August 22, 2013

Eating Philadelphia: Old City Coffee

Two weeks ago, I flew to Philadelphia for two days for a meeting. It was a whirlwind-- almost every minute was planned, which is why, if I wanted to see anything, I had to be up before the sun came up.

Since meals were included in the meeting (and I am a graduate student who never turns down a free meal), I decided to venture out in search of good coffee in Old City.

We're walking, we're walking...

Alas, Philly. I did not eat a cheesesteak (though I heard, later, about a great place that does a vegetarian cheesesteak with portobello mushrooms-- next time!)

Just because...

Finally, I came to Old City Coffee, recommended to me by my friend Elaine. It was tucked away in a side street, and could have easily been missed if I hadn't been on a mission! 

Housed in an old banjo factory, this little cafe is steeped in history.

The coffee was nice and strong (a light-roasted Yirgacheff), and the small indoor portion of the cafe was quiet and bright.

It was wonderful, peaceful, and a bit creepy being all alone with the baristas in an empty coffee shop at 6:30am. Still, with good cold press, I was more than satisfied.

I didn't try any of their pastries, but their muffins looked divine (again, next time!). I did go for seconds on their coffee, though, as I headed back to my meeting.

All in all, a cute, quiet little cafe, roasting their own coffee on-site. 

(My only complaint would be their limited internet-- one hour with purchase-- but that's nitpicking.)

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