Thursday, April 4, 2013

Eating Vegas: Max Brenner's Chocolate By The Bald Man and Serendipity 3

So I know I've been blowing up this blog with food from Vegas. I can't help it-- I was a kid in a candy store (literally).

Enter Max Brenner's Chocolate by the Bald Man. I'd seen him on one of Paula Deen's shows (guilty pleasure!) and watched him make a to-die-for chocolate dessert pizza (which I'm hoping to attempt sometime in the near future). So when I saw that this Israeli chocolatier had an outpost in Caesar's Palace, I had  to stop.

Normally I'm the type of person who turns around and walks the opposite way when I see someone hawking free samples at Costco or the grocery story, but this time I made a beeline. I chatted with the man giving out free samples, and he was surprised at how much I knew about Max Brenner (again, guilty!), and kept giving me free samples (truffles! chocolate pecans! espresso beans!) while we chatted.

So, naturally, I bought a good chunk of the goods I had tried. Because they were so darn rich-- I love when you taste something and you can instantly tell that it's such good quality that you won't need to eat the whole bar to be satisfied!

This dark chocolate bar had tons of crunchy-sweet cacao nibs sprinkled throughout. It was incredibly decadent, with just a bit of bitterness. I brought it over to a friend's when we had dinner, and it was so rich that one bar satisfied six women's chocolate cravings. Talk about good stuff!

Being the coffee addict that I am, I also had to pick up chocolate-covered espresso beans. I'd never had any like these, which were tossed in cocoa powder post-ganache coating. Very unique-- and potent. No sleep for me after eating these, that's for sure!

Finally, he had some really unique packaging. This thin slivers of chocolate were packaged like cigarettes, which some might think of as encouraging kids to go down that path. I just thought it was stinkin' cute!

So clever!

Overall, it was hard to decide what to purchase. If I'd had my druthers, I would have gone back for the chocolate happy hour and gotten one of those famous pizzas!

Next on our list was Serendipity 3 for some Frozen Hot Chocolate. We hit up the takeout window.

It took a good half hour of waiting in the sun to get our drinks. In retrospect, might not have been worth it...

Not to be a debbie downer, but since I'd never had a frozen hot chocolate before, I had high hopes. Don't get me wrong, this was delicious, but was a bit too much for me. I had hoped for something a little richer, and this just felt like an overpriced version of something I could have gotten at DQ. But dang, did it cool me off in the heat!

Overall, a fabulous trip to Vegas. Wish I'd had more time (and money) to do a bigger tour of the food on the strip, but there's just too much to choose from.

More eating on the road coming your way soon...

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