Friday, April 5, 2013

Walking in Memphis

Things I miss most when I'm traveling (perhaps in order, perhaps not): my dog, guy, family, friends, and kitchen (especially during Passover). Oh, and my bed.

I've been on a traveling spree for work for the past few weeks... Last week was Memphis for a symposium. I'd never been, but I do know the Orpheum (alas, James Brown's ghost did not serenade me here!)

Right when I arrived, I had the good fortune of meeting a fellow symposium attendee who was native to the area. She knew that the famous Peabody ducks were out, so before I could even unpack my suitcase, we were off!

Unfortunately, they were napping when we got there. Personally, I can't blame them. It's a hard knock life for these ducks, clearly!

After all the bright lights in Vegas, it was nice to check out Beale Street... a bit calmer, a bit more my speed (which is slow, when I'm tired from flying!). 

The original B.B. King's! Mr. King and Lucille did not serenade us, unfortunately, but as a music fan, talk about a piece of history!

I had to take a photo of Kooky Canuck... I'm not a fan of Man vs. Food (in fact, I will flip to the Weather Channel just to get away from that show!), but I felt it necessary when this locale was pointed out to take a picture. I guess it's a point of pride with some of the locals.

The site of the first Piggly Wiggly!

Whenever we ventured out to eat (like at the Rendezvous, which was very funky), I was very limited in what I could eat, because of the holiday, so I pretty much lived on salads (though I definitely dipped some matzah in their world famous barbecue sauce to try it!) Ergo, not a lot of food pictures from this trip.

We did make a point of stopping at Felicia Suzanne's, which is known for its jalapeƱo martini. I had them make it with a potato vodka-- highlight of the trip! It had a nice warmth to it, kind of like a very spicy horchata, except that it was served cool... Mind-blowing, for sure! DEFINITELY stop by and sip one of these babies if you're in town!

Up next: Baltimore!

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