Thursday, September 6, 2012

Women ROCK; or, the culinary aftermath

Last weekend, my good friends Deborah and Karen ran Women ROCK MN with me in St. Paul. We all finished upright and smiling. I was so proud-- my second half marathon, and I cut almost 16 minutes off of my previous finishing time!

The finish line was super-welcome (the course was over 13.1, so I was ready to be done). We were greeted with shirtless firemen, sapphire necklaces, and custom champagne glasses.

Gentleman Caller was super-supportive, and showed up to cheer me on at the finish. Our conversation over coffee while waiting for our marathoners to finish  went like this:

Me: The shirtless firemen weren't even hot... and that was supposed to be a draw for this race.

GC: [awkwardly] I'm... sorry?

Me: If you were really sorry, you'd take off your shirt.

GC: Uhm....


When I got home, I made a pizza using delicious crust from Trader Joe's and anything I had in my fridge. This is called the I'm-going-on-another-trip-so-let's-use-up-everything-in-my-fridge pizza. Delicious.

I also drank wine from my finisher's glass and watched a marathon (ha! get it?) of Property Brothers.

BTW... sriracha goes on everything in my house.

It was great to run with Deborah and Karen and to see GC at the finish line, but boy, was I ready for some hermit time... with Roo.

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