Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cowbells are hazardous to your health; or, Roadtrippin' Part II

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful morning to start our second day of our roadtrip! After an early rise, we headed to Mile 6 / Mile 19 on the course, which was right on lake superior.

Clearly, the coffee kicked in quickly for Beth...


Just as we parked, the elite runners came through. This gentleman was one of the frontrunners, and boy, was he hoofin' it!

Between the elites and the wheelers, we had some time to sit and reflect. Look at that view!


We were right on the historic Skyline Parkway. Stunning is the only word for it!


Then, the real fun started... wheelers! I can't believe they can crank through a marathon so quickly-- you go, guys (and gals!)

 The half-marathoners rolled through next. It was incredible to see them come around the bend... like something out of a movie.

When the gazelles stampede and spill over the hill in the Lion King? Yup. It was like that.

We were ringing cowbells like crazy! I had seven blisters on my right hand, which are still making it tough to type. True story.

I didn't get any good shots of the marathoners, unfortunately, who came through after this... We had jobs to do as on-course coaches, and with the weather turning cold and windy suddenly, we had to be on our game. Just an incredible experience-- gorgeous views, determined, smiling faces. Welcome to Grandma's.

More tomorrow!

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