Friday, May 31, 2013

Farmer's Market Fridays: How to Get the Most Out of Your Market!

Well friends, I'm off on another trip again-- Chicago this time (meaning my hometown) for work-- yay! T-minus a few hours till I'm on a plane...

However, I way overshopped at the farmer's market last week. I hate letting food go to waste, and over the past few years here in Minnesota, I've learned quickly that the cost of fresh produce skyrockets as soon as snow hits the ground, so when I have leftover produce in the summer, I like to preserve it. My favorite way (and preference for this week, since it's quick and easy) is to blanch and freeze the veggies. I've been reading up on some other awesome ways to save spring/summer foods... here's a link roundup to help you out if you have leftover random dirt candy:

8 Ways to Love (and Keep On Loving) Your CSA: Great tips and links for preserving your farmer's market goodies if you're like me and always overshop.

Easy Fridge-Cleaning Recipes: Recipe ideas to use up stray veggies and foods in your fridge-- a lifesaver!

Freeze and Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil: Believe it or not, I haven't killed any of my herb and pepper plants yet... In fact, they're going bonkers! Going to plan on doing this to preserve some of the goodness.

Spring Roll Ideas: One of my favorite quick, easy dinners that really lets you use every last vegetable!

Happy Friday, all!

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  1. Loved this blog entry Allie!

    Thanks for the tips, for the "dirt candy!"