Monday, March 18, 2013

Eating Vegas: Border Grill

Last week, I took a trip to Vegas for a vacation. A real vacation-- as in, no laptop, no reading anything relevant to my research, nothing. Just walking up and down the strip, lying by the pool, reading a novel (!!!), and... eating.

Entire days were planned around where we were going to eat. Really. It was incredible.

We found my deli! (lines were out the door, though, so I didn't get to eat anything there. Womp Womp).

But the highlight for me was eating an incredible meal at Border Grill-- home of the Too Hot Tamales (whom I grew up watching cook on the Food Network. Talk about two awesome ladies!)

Eating here was a childhood dream come true.

Yes. I was a strange child. Don't judge.

I was so excited to be eating there that I babbled to the incredibly sweet hostess, Melanie (first-name basis now!) about how much I loved Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken. Much to my surprise, Melanie had the kitchen send out free appetizers for us, including their signature empanada (delish!) and the quinoa fritters that Mary Sue won a Top Chef Masters competition with!

The fritters were to die for. I don't use that phrase lightly, promise. I'm going to try and see if I can come up with my own knock-off to share with you soon... suffice it to say, I didn't know you could get quinoa that crunchy! Or flavorful!

Melanie also sent out the house guacamole. Note that there's no pico in it-- apparently that's a no-no in the Too Hot Tamale books. It was seriously creamy, and had just a whisper of lime-- not like the guac that I make at home, that hits you over the head with it (i.e., I need to learn to make better guacamole).

The three salsas and house chips were also spot-on. I'm pretty sure I ate my weight in them before I even ordered.

Then, a pescatarian sin was committed... Kobe beef tacos. My eyes rolled back in my head, they were so good. Taco-gasm, for sure. The tortillas were fresh-made, and were the best I have ever had.

Finally, I couldn't decide on dessert... so two were ordered. The brownie sundae was fine (brownies weren't quite as decadent and dark as some that I've had/made, but were still fudgy), but the mexican chocolate cream pie was inspirational. That's the only word for it. Cinnamon, semisweet chocolate, an oreo crust... keep an eye out for my knockoff recipe soon!

Clearly, the way to my heart is through the Border Grille... sorry, boys. Next on my list-- Susan's Street Food restaurant!!!

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