Thursday, August 30, 2012

Forgot my hall pass; or, why I've been AWOL

Happy Thursday, dear friends!

I am so sorry I have been absent the past few weeks. It's been crazy hectic around here, what with wrapping up projects, getting ready to go on an epic roadtrip to a friend's wedding in Montana, taking said road trip, training for my second half marathon and, well, livin' life. But while I as gone, I swear, I took some pictures!

Of course, we had to start off on the right foot, with the Corn Palace...

And Wall Drug.


The Badlands.


 Mount Rushmore-- lit up!

 Buffalo at Custer State Park in South Dakota-- these things were massive, and totally frightening!

And they had no fear.... not even of oncoming traffic. Jaywalking masters.

 Gorgeous lake at Custer-- right where the trails began! 

 Family of white-tailed deer at Custer State Park-- Bambi!

Baby buffalo-- still huge, still terrifying.

Check out these beggars-- came right up to the cars and got fed by all the tourists...

This one was having a fat day. I feel ya, buddy-- we've all been there...


Rapid City is, apparently, a City, as is evidenced by the copious amounts of graffiti.

Firehouse Brewing Company-- great food, good local brews. I drank a (rather dark) IPA named "Swarthy Beaver." For the win.


Then it was time for photo ops with statues of all of the United States Presidents...

As usual, I tried to make my voice heard...

General Custer's grave at Little Bighorn.

The gorgeous waterfall at the Canyon at Yellowstone National Park in WY!

 Yellowstone River.

The Canyon at Yellowstone, near where we stayed.

Top of the waterfall at the Canyon at Yellowstone-- beautiful!

Elk running through the Hot Springs village in Yellowstone-- again, no fear!

Hot springs at Yellowstone-- could smell the sulfur a mile away. Literally.


Mud volcano. Not going to lie-- it looked and smelled like a spa treatment. If it weren't so hot, I would've ignored the rangers, jumped in, and come out with the skin of a 12-year-old (minus acne, of course)

 Thermal pools... gorgeous!


Lake Yellowstone


Bozeman, Montana-- gorgeous setting for a wedding!


Hiking the "M" in Bozeman.

Well-earned dirt on my feet.


 Sunset over E+G's wedding. Perfection.

  1. Going to a drive-in movie theatre
  2. Tubing with friends
  3. Taking a road trip with a killer playlist x2! (Duluth, MN and Bozeman, MT)
  4. Picking TONS of berries-- and eating only berries for an entire day with no guilt
  5. Saying "yes" to everything for a day (frightening)
  6. Saying "no" to everything I don't want to do for a day (empowering)
  7. Throwing an old-fashioned pajama party with the girls and staying up all night
  8. Hosting a "Tour de Franz" (running back and forth between friends' apartments and mine while sampling boxed wines and wearing mustache tattoos)
  9. Buying a new novel, going to a coffee shop, and sitting outside sipping iced americanos while reading an entire book in one fell swoop
  10. Go to a music festival and be the first one dancing
  11. Putting the strangest things I can think of into cookies and sharing them with you.
  12. Learn to make one signature cocktail

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