Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar! (Felix!)

The only way I have successfully been able to convey my love of the Academy Awards and film to total strangers is to tell them that the Oscars are my Super Bowl.

Sad? Perhaps. But totally true.

This year, even Roo got dolled up for the red carpet!

Don't tell her, but I think the dress makes her butt look big. Or maybe I just need to give her a haircut.

Of course, we all have to fill out ballots (which were totally NOT printed out on the epidemiology department printer!)

Last year, I just made whatever I felt like. This year, I decided to try my hand at one dish for each of the best pictures.

And the nominees are...

The Artist (Star cookies and chocolate and vanilla/black and white cake):

Moneyball (Crackerjack):

The Help (Chocolate Almond Kahlua Tartlettes):

War Horse (Carrots and apples... couldn't really figure out what else to make, unless I served MREs):

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (bagels and schmear):

The Descendants (Pineapple Salsa-- recipe coming soon!):

The Tree of Life (Cornbread):

Midnight in Paris (Champagne):

My close friend Stefie also brought French macaroons for Midnight in Paris. She did a rocking job, especially since she had never made them before! She'll have to show me soon, since I'm terrified of making them (but love putting them in my face).

(There were mini spinach quiches for Hugo, but those got eaten pretty quickly).

And, for the record, we all did better on our ballots than drunken monkeys... But not as well as in previous years. 

What a night, though! Billy Crystal is the man!

What are some of your favorite Academy Awards night traditions? Any ideas for next year's celebrations? Do tell!

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