Monday, February 27, 2012

New Friends and Chocolate Almond Kahlua Tartlettes

It absolutely amazes me how small of a world we live in. I didn't realize that a fellow college classmate of mine, Ann, grew up in the town in which I'm currently living. It wasn't until we started ogling each other's pictures of our baked goods on one another's Facebook profiles that we realized we should be friends. Stat.

So when Ann came back to town to visit her family, we decided to get together to catch up. What better way to do that than tackling a new, decadent recipe (while talking about running and research)?

Almonds get toasted.

Oreos get de-filling-itized. One of us had mad skill at scraping Oreos... One was laughing so hard that the photo came out blurry.

Cookies get ground.

Almonds, melted butter, espresso powder, and salt join the party.

We decided to try to exercise some self-restraint by making individual tarts. Emphasis on the word try.

... but it looked and smelled so good!

Meanwhile, at the stove, filling gets made. Look at the chocolate and booze!

And butter. I'm pretty sure we learned that  butter is a hobby of both of ours.

We've both apparently gone right from a run to the store, still sweaty, to buy pounds of butter. Classy.

Chocolate! Boom!

Pasturized eggs. Like a boss.

Ann's favorite part-- the whipped cream.

My favorite part-- dark, dark, dark chocolate!

Folded together with eggs to make a delicious, creamy, chocolatey, Kahlua-y mousse!

I'm pretty sure Ann wanted me to hurry up so we could put this in our faces.

The foundations of friendship: laughing, baking, and stuffing our faces.

We talked about running. That had to have burned some calories, right?

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  1. You should of those tarts you sent me home with....never made it past the intersection by St. Mary's...Devoured. In. One. Bite. (and that was me TRYING to resist)