Friday, January 13, 2012

Mos Def

Fridays are tough. Friday the 13th is super tough, eliciting email strings like these:

[regarding bowling night]

Friend: Then we can get a really good lane and figure out the dedication ceremony for the ball.

Me: I'll defer to the Big Lebowski for our inspiration for dedication. See you tonight.

Friend: Can we call my ball the big lebowski?  maybe BL for short, maybe even said like Bill.

Me:  Mos def.** And I don't mean the extremely attractive rapper/actor.*

Friend: I just had to google him, agreed on the attractiveness :-)

Me: Seriously!? Did you miss the 90s or something?

Friend: I blame the generational gap :-) ***

* If you need edification, see this.

**I wonder if Mr. Def ever gets sick of having his name taken in vain.

*** She's only got three years on me.

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