Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet potato and tofu stir fry

Since I have moved to this small city in southeast Minnesota two years ago, I have yet to find a great stir fry dish at a restaurant.

Ergo, I take matters into my own hands.

When my friends come over to watch "Big Bang Theory," I usually cook a fun, easy meal for them. A few weeks ago, I put out sliced veggies, tofu, and chicken, and had my friends put their selected ingredients in a bowl. I quick stir-fried them and served them over rice-- perfect for kicking back in front of the television with friends.

Spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, mushrooms...

Slice sprouted tofu and dry it really well. I like to press it between paper towels and top it with a book; let sit for a few minutes. Not drying the tofu enough is the mistake that most people make, which is the reason why tofu gets such a bad rap for being "slimy."

Sliced sweet potatoes...

Meets friends broccoli and 'shrooms...

Fry up the tofu until crisp.

Add veggies and cook until tender.

Top off it with stir fry sauce. I like Trader Joe's Island Soyaki.

Stir in cooked brown basmati rice.

Serve right from the skillet!

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  1. Looks yummy. Actually my mother always cooking this for me every week. I really love the taste of tofu and the sweet potatoes of this dish because it's really delicious.

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